Wednesday, March 18, 2020

ProTip - 3/20/2020 - A CAD Lesson Plan - Italian Inspired

 Emergency IV Parts Instructions SPRING 2020
Based on a true Italian “Coronavirus” emergency engineering situation, March 2020:
Your Fictional Scenario: A local hospital is experiencing a shortage of IV components.  Your engineering expertise is needed!

The IV Tygon Tubing dimensions:
3.5 mm inside diameter
5.75 mm outside diameter
Finished component must fit inside of this 3oz dixie bath cup: 

Criteria - Your component(s) must:
  • Keep tubing joined when component is a “connector” type
  • Keep liquid from passing if a “clamp” type
  • If component is a stopcock type: It will be able to stop/redirect flow without leaking
  • Be able to have tubing pass/hold liquid without leaking from your component
  • Your parts will be 3D printed using PLA materials at 195C melting point on a 55C bed.
To submit for 3D Printing:
  1. Submit a screenshot of your CAD work in Google Classroom via assignment portal
  2. Email your exported STL file from your Fusion 360 to:
  • xyz
CAD Tip: You may want to Construct a Plane so you can sketch cylinders that intersect with the sides of other cylinders:
Getting results and your prototypes:
  • A photo/video of your product in use will be sent to you with notes about function and form
  • Your prototypes will be provided to you upon return to school
    • I will save them for you

  • This assignment is for your enrichment and a way for you to further your engineering design skills
  • Successful completion will earn you an “Emergency IV Project” award
    • I will put together something fun for you and provide it to you upon return to school

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