Publications, News and Multimedia

Students Invent For Local Police:

USPTO Podcast:

White House PAEMST Award:

Student Invention Convention Winners:

STEM Ecosystems Podcast:

Shield Team PBS:

MIT Full STEAM Ahead Curriculum:

Minnesota KSTP Interview via The Shield Team:

Shield Team MetroWest:

Shield Team Cape Cod partners:

Shield Team Minnesota Newspaper Article:

MADESE Teachers' Top 3 News:

Hopkinton Independent PAEMST Finalist Story:

Hopkinton Independent BPA National Success Story:

Hopkinton Independent HMS RoboHillers Win Award At Worlds:

Hopkinton Independent HHS BPA Does Well At Nationals:

Robotics Podcast Interview

ITEEA Podcast Interview

Natick InvenTeam

Natick InvenTeam

InvenTeam Case Study

Tech Directions 2012

Tech Directions 2019

Tech Directions national article 2019:

USPTO NSTI Ambassador

STEM Teachers Leadership Network:

PBS Teacher Lounge

Framingham State University Spotlight

NHS Barge Expedition Crew on Fox 25 News:

WHOI Nereus Under Ice ROV Testing:

WHOI AUV Swarm Testing Sea Trials:

MIT Open




DS MA STEM TOY Highlights Presentation Video

ISTE Presentation

ISTE Presentation PDF

Stella Marion Shipwreck Discovery

MetroWest News Stella Marion Shipwreck Discovery

AAAS Inventing Green Advisory Board

Barge Wreck Discovery at Newfound Lake NH

InvenTeam White House Science Fair

Student Ford Grundberg USAF

Newfound Lake Barge ROV Expedition Highlights:

The STEM Edge Magazine

WHOI Sea Logs

Girl Powered STEM Event

Girl Powered STEM Event

Natick Army Labs K-5 Land + Sea Robotics Camp:

MIT Webinar

Year One Hopkinton Robotics Success

MA Governor's STEM Advisory Council

AAAS Webinar





Natick Labs MA STEM TOY

PBS Teacher Lounge

PBS Lesson Plan

HPS Digital

UMASS Boston NSF Grant

Hopkinton Classroom Invention Education Videos:
First Responders:

Inventive Light Source:

LMIT InvenTeam Poppy Videos:

PBS 2 Min LMIT EurekaFest Deep Dive

PBS Lessons:

Hop Independent on IE:

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